Why Does My Computer Hate Me?

I am sure all of you had at some point the question “But this was working yesterday, what did you do?”.

You might have spent so much time on the phone to India since purchasing that new computer that you should be fluent in Hindi by now.

The truth is I heard countless times the phrase “My computer hates me” but there are reasons why your computer might crash, go slow or just ‘acts up’. Perhaps you were just neglecting the ‘signs’ (willingly or not) that were screaming HELP but the result is that now the computer hates you.

There are a few reasons why your computer is having problems

Computers are delicate machines that have hardware components and software to make them run but also they are prone to failure any time, and strangely they will fail when you’re least expecting it which btw now is a good time  to think about backup

You have to make sure you have a recovery plan, don’t just ignore the warnings for creating a backup, this could signal some parts in your pc might become corrupt in a short period of time and usually the culprit is your hard drive.

You’re Running An Old Operating System

Your computer hates you because you’re running an insecure Operating System. If possible, upgrade to Windows 10. If you simply need Windows 7 or Windows XP for a specific program, consider running the OS in a virtual Window using Virtual Box.

If you still have a Windows 7 pc and have the right configuration you can still upgrade to Windows 10, see how – check this post.

You never perform even the most basic preventative maintenance

Your computer hates you because it’s running hot. When was the last time you opened the computer case and blew out the fans inside? When was the last time you vacuumed around the floor where your PC is almost popping corn? Hot computers run slow and ultimately fail. Consider cleaning up around your PC and inside the fans from time to time to ensure it stays running cool.

You clicked something that you not supposed to click (or just didn’t know that email wasn’t offering free money)

Your computer hates you because you were installing a malware / virus that is crippling your computer.

Did you noticed that your browser search engine changed from your default Google or Bing to a weird looking one? It is called browser hijacking and beside tempting you with unbelievable offers it does installs in the background features and software that are damaging your computer performances – or in worst cases your wallet too.

Always read what you are installing don’t just click OK specially if the software you’re installing is a freeware one, the trade off for free software is that it will instal some unwanted program as well that will affect your computers overall health, deny all secondary software instal or cancel entirely the instal if insists on these by products.

Power off the computer from time to time

Your computer hats you because it wasn’t restarted in over a week or more.

I know many of us are working from home these days and the computers are almost always on but remember to switch it off from time to time, your computer will run better and benefit from the occasional reboot.

Hardware upgrades 

Your computer hates you because is running the software on old outdated hardware.

If your computer supports a Windows 10 upgrade it might worth considering upgrading the hardware as well in the machine, adding more RAM (Windows 10 runs better with at least 8Gb RAM), replacing the old hard drive with a newer SSD drive will increase the loading time of  Windows when starting up also will improve considerably the speed of the pc. Upgrading the video card and monitor will also benefit the pc. These simple changes (if feasible) wil make your pc almost like new.