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Is your pc stopped booting up or cutting out in the middle of doing something? Maybe you hear a clicking noise coming from the computer? This could be signs of a failing hard drive.

We offer data recovery service for most types of computer storage media. If hard drive has no physical damage it is possible to recover almost all or part of the missing information from your device’s hard drive. If the hard drive has physical damage and needs to be opened to retrieve the data it cannot be done in house as this tends to be very expensive in excess of €500 and most customers do not want to pay these prices, however we can advise and direct them to a data recovery company that are dealing with these issues.

Don’t Make Things Worse

If your drive isn’t recognized by Windows or if it makes unusual noises then stop using it. The disk will only degrade further and you will lose your data. If you do run a basic recovery program then never try to save recovered data to the drive that you are working on as you will end up overwriting any data and it will be lost forever. Don’t run Windows programs like Chkdsk as this will definitely degrade the disk further.

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